Ergodesk SVT crank adjustable home work desk (NEN-EN)

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Product description

The Ergodesk SVT is a desk that is easily height-adjustable by means of a hand crank. It is official not sit-stand desk, but with an adjustment range of 64 to 107 cm it is for many people sufficient enough to work standing behind.

Cable management

If you opt for cable management, we will provide the desk with a cable duct containing a GST power strip with a connection cable of 3 meters. This allows you to neatly connect all cables from the computer, monitors and other equipment and the cables are out of sight. Our advice is to use this with this crank adjustable desk, because this ensures that the desk can easily be raised and lowered without cables being too short and pinching.

Products specifications
Attribute name Attribute value
Adjustable Adjustable crank
Maximum load 60 kg
Minimale hoogte 64 cm
Maximale hoogte 107 cm
Frame type T poot
Vorm Rechthoek